FMG - Multi Purpose Filler

FMG - Multi Purpose Filler

FMG Industries
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A quick drying surface filler for interior/exterior applications on wood, plaster, brick and concrete.

Ideal for repairing hairline cracks, blemishes, dents and scratches on existing painted surfaces including gloss and semi gloss finishes. Particularly suitable where are hard durable, super smooth surface is required such as skirting boards, architraves, door edges, etc.

Surface to be filled should be clean and dry with no loose or powdery material.

  • Exterior surfaces (e.g. nail heads) should be primed before application.

  • Allow to dry (2-3 Hours in thin 2-3mm applications depending on humidity). Allow longer drying times if painting with oil based paints (24 hours minimum) or for deeper applications.

  • For deeper jobs apply in 10mm layers, allowing each layer to set, before applying the next layer.

  • Protect from rain until painted over.

  • For best results, apply paint undercoat before applying water or oil based paint top coat.

  • Available in 500gm and 2Kg

  • Water Clean up

  • Interior & Exterior use.