Interior/Exterior Low Sheen 10 Litre - Similar to Dulux - Aerobus *See image for colour*

Interior/Exterior Low Sheen 10 Litre - Similar to Dulux - Aerobus *See image for colour*
Interior/Exterior Low Sheen 10 Litre - Similar to Dulux - Aerobus *See image for colour*
Interior/Exterior Low Sheen 10 Litre - Similar to Dulux - Aerobus *See image for colour*

Interior/Exterior Low Sheen 10 Litre - Similar to Dulux - Aerobus *See image for colour*

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Interior/Exterior Low Sheen 10 Litre - Similar to Dulux - Aerobus *See image for colour*

Delivery Available to Metro Melbourne or pick up from Braeside.

What is Recycled Paint?

Purpose Paints has been created as we saw a huge amount of quality paint going to waste. This paint going to waste was in many circumstances able be filtered, impurities removed and once tested for quality and colour match was ready to be reused. **This is not watered down paint.**

Not only are we not selling the paint at premium prices but this also in turn is helping the environment. Our main purpose is ECO friendly and to allow the average person to be able to paint their house, office, fence etc without the huge cost. Because the paint is made from only Premium quality Australian Brands which have gone through all necessary testing for Quality and Technology to allow the paint to perform well for your purpose

Safety and Precautions:

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Make sure you provide adequate ventilation when using this product.

FIRST AID- If swallowed please contact a doctor or the Poisons Information Centre (Aust: 131 126). SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth thoroughly with water. Do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water.
EYES: If product gets into eyes flush out with running water for at least 15 minutes
SKIN: Any contact with skin wash off thoroughly with water and soap and remove any contaminated clothing. INHALATION: Exit the contaminated area into open area and fresh air.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Please avoid contact with skin and eyes and use eye protection such as glasses, waterproof gloves and a dust mask or mask with respirator when spraying surfaces. Wash hands after use.

FIRE: If product is involved in fire use water fog, foam or dry ingredients and avoid breathing in smoke.
STORAGE: Store Product away from direct sunlight. Please keep container upright and sealed. Do not store product in extreme temperatures. DISPOSAL- Make sure you do not dispose or spill paint in storm water drains or any other water drain.

CONSIDERATIONS: Not for use at temperature below 10 degrees Celsius or when the surface temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius during drying. The paint film requires up to 7 days to fully cure, however the paint is dry to touch after 30 minutes per coat. Please take this into consideration before washing down walls etc. Avoid any steam or condensation within the 48hour period after application.

PREPARATION: Clean and dry surfaces prior to application after sanding using a brush or washing down with sugar soap solution to remove any dirt, oil and grease if present.

APPLICATION: Using a brush, roller or spray gun ( Please follow OH&S Procedures when using). Ensure paint is stirred thoroughly with a flat stirrer before and during use to ensure colour and texture consistency.

DRYING TIMES : Based on conditions of approximately 25 degrees Celsius and 50% humidity Touch Dry- 30 mins recoat- 2 Hours Please note: under cooler or more humid conditions please allow greater drying time. Ensure is greater than 10 degrees Celsius during application and drying.

DISCLAIMER:: Purpose paints uses quality Australian paint to manufacture 100% Recycled paint.-reusable paints of the same color and sheen level are pumped into a tank where the material is mixed and tested. The paint is adjusted with additives and colorants as necessary. Finally, the paint is fine filtered and packaged for sale. Only water based paints are used for recycling purposes. Purpose Paints does not provide warranties or accept liability for any misuse of product other than its intended use as per Instructions on Can. Quality finish and application are left to user and therefore Purpose paints will not be held liable.


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